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English speaking solicitor in Torre del Mar

With the help of a good solicitor in Torre del Mar, settling down will seem much easier, whether you have decided to buy property or need a tax consultant to advise you on taxes for non residents. In this sense,Tejada Solicitors will be glad to assist you throughout the administrative steps and explain the different legal procedures in plain and simple language for you.

Although Torre del Mar is a popular town for expats from all over Europe, Spanish bureaucracy can be tricky for everyone – often even for locals. As a matter of fact, within the Axarquia, laws may differ from one city to another, especially when it comes to real estate or legalizing property built on rural land. In any event, an experienced solicitor who is used to dealing with public services and offices can guide you and complete the procedures successfully.

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When to hire a Solicitor in Torre del Mar

The Tejada Solicitors team in Torre del Mar can assist you in a wide variety of cases, as for example:

  • applying for a Spanish NIE
  • preparing the conveyancing for purchasing a house
  • filing your tax return
  • advising you about taxes for non residents
  • informing about special tax allowances for foreigners
  • renting out property for a short term
  • setting up your own business

Property conveyancing and legal advice in Torre del Mar

The process of buying or selling property in Torre del Mar involves many different aspects and it requires being fast to seize the best deal. In this sense, having an experienced team of solicitors tax specialists at your side will only play in your favour. The Tejada Solicitors team builds on the expertise of a group of English speaking tax advisors, lawyers and even architects, who are familiar with the local laws in Torre del Mar and work together so as to offer a complete service.

Any of these transactions will need to be considered in a “bigger picture” that reflects upon your personal situation, e.g. your civil status or where your residence will be based. In some cases, special tax allowances may apply, as it happens with highly skilled workers moving to Spain. This is the case of the Beckham Law, which was originally created to attract foreign investment to Spain. A professional tax advisor will be able to analyze your situation and explain if these regulations can be applied to your case.

Need A Professional Consultation?

    Get in Touch with Tejada Solicitors Torre del Mar

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    Before scheduling a first meeting, we recommend you to get to call us or write an e-mail explaining your case and any special requirements. We usually react fast describing how we deal with the requested service and our current fees. If you are interested in proceeding, we normally hold a first Skype meeting, during which the main steps and necessary paperwork will be thoroughly explained. As we move forward to complete the procedure, we work side by side with our clients to develop a professional relationship based on trust and clear communications.

    Our legal services are available for clients in Torre del Mar, but also Nerja, Vélez-Malaga, and smaller villages such as Algarrobo, Sayalonga, Benamocarra, Almayate, Benajarafe or Iznate within the Axarquia region. Outside this area, we are present in most cities along the Costa Sol, including Málaga city centre, Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas and Benalmádena, which means we will be able to provide you with a broader picture of the property market and different regulations in the region.

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    As an English speaking firm of solicitors in Torre del Mar (Axarquia - Andalucia), the TEJADA Solicitors can support you in planning investments, preparing the legal conveyancing for purchasing a new house, renting out property legally for touristic purposes, applying for a Spanish identity card (NIE) and managing your private wealth and assets. We are a family-run business and give our best to provide personalised legal services. Our team builds on the expertise of lawyers, tax advisors and architects, offering comprehensive legal services. Find a recommended solicitor in Torre el Mar