Buying Spanish Property From Abroad


Do I have to be in Spain to complete the transaction?

The person buying the house may attend in person before the Notary, but, if necessary, arrangements can be made for a Power of Attorney to be granted enabling antoher person to attend on their behalf. This must be in the Spanish form and signed in front of a Notary.

In whose name should you purchase the property?

There are a number of ways to purchase the property:

  • In your name
  • In the joint names of you and your wife or co-purchaser/s
  • In your children´s names or in the name of somebody who will eventually inherit the property from you.
  • In the name of a limited company.

What you will need to be able to buy a home in Spain is your NIE (número de identificación de extranjeros). You can apply for a NIE number at a local police station or foreigners office in Spain. You can also submit an application at a Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your home country, although that process takes more time. Here you can find the foreigner offices and police stations where you can apply for a NIE. In order to complete an application for a NIE you need to present a number of documents, both originals and photocopies. Please note that different foreigner offices and police stations may require different documents, but there the most commonly required are the following: current passport, filled application form and the tax already paid.

In any event, remember that you can contact the Legal & Tax Help lawyers, to assist you in doing the paperwork.  Our professional lawyers in Malaga can offer you legal advice in English, support you in dealing with the Spanish bureaucratic system and defend your interests.