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Mijas has indeed become one of the most popular areas in Costa del Sol for buying a house, a villa or an apartment. Whether in Mijas Pueblo, Mijas Costa, la Cala or Las Lagunas, this charming “white-coloured village” enjoys attractive residential areas lying on the hills with impressive views over the sea. Relatively clean beaches near the biggest golf resort in Spain provide an intense and vibrant social life throughout the entire year. Interestingly enough, statistics show that the number of residents during the year is much lower than the actual number of inhabitants, which proves the importance of tourism for the local economy and businesses.

A law firm like Tejada Solicitors in Nerja can deliver professional legal advice and support you in a range of cases, such as:

Preparing the legal conveyancing for buying property
Checking contracts and deeds
Advise on tax-related issues
Non-lucrative visa for British citizens
Certifying official documents and translations
On behalf of a power of attorney, we can also complete some relevant procedures in your name

Solicitors in Mijas

English speaking solicitors in Mijas

As experienced solicitors in Mijas, we base our advice on an extensive list of cases and opinions from different professionals. When it comes to talking business and completing important transactions, we believe risks should be avoided at all costs. The lawyers who work within Mijas will be responsible for interpreting the terms and conditions of contracts and deeds according to the law.

For that reason, choosing a firm of solicitors who speak your language and can explain the steps in a clear manner is a wise decision. Furthermore, each region and city has a different way of applying Spanish laws, which often makes interpretation less obvious. Through direct contact with the local authorities and public services, our lawyers can provide you with well-reasoned answers. For further references, we invite you to check our customer reviews and testimonials on our homepage.

What legal procedure would you like us to help you with?

We offer complete support and guidance for clients looking to buy a property in Spain. During the property conveyancing process, we can assist you at every step of the way, including checking relevant paperwork, the legality of the property, taxes, utilities etc. until the final completion. As well as ensuring the property is legal and free of charges, we also provide an architect and tax advisor to carry out the urbanistic situation of the property and a breakdown of all taxes involved, respectively.

Clients will be made aware of the cost of buying, understanding the exact fees involved from the very beginning. A final balance will be presented to clients after completion, with all expenses and taxes paid. Any remaining balance is then transferred back to the client.

If clients are looking to sell their property in Spain, our tax advisor can give advice on all the relevant taxes needed to make a sale, as well as provide a comprehensive breakdown of all that is involved in the cost of selling. Negotiations for sale conditions will be handled by our solicitor, who will act as your representative throughout the entire process.

Our tax services ensure that our clients are able to understand the various taxation laws in Spain and avoid any unnecessary risks, such as double taxation. We provide full support for our expatriate clients with the knowledge of any tax regulations between Spain and their country of origin.

This support includes help with non-resident tax, personal income tax, inheritance tax, rental income, Form 720 etc. depending on what is relevant to our clients’ situation.

The NIE is a tax identification number given to any foreign citizens carrying out certain procedures within Spain. From opening a Spanish bank account to purchasing a vehicle or property, the NIE number is used to identify you and your non-resident payments.

Please note that the NIE number does not grant you Spanish residency – you cannot legally reside in Spain or pay your taxes here as a tax resident with the NIE number.

The Golden Visa in Spain is part of an investment programme under the Law of Entrepreneurs, encouraging investment through the purchasing of real estate. This programme is available to non-EU citizens (such as North Americans, Chinese, Russians, etc.), who are eligible if they invest over 500,000 euros into a property in Spain – this can be a house, villa, or apartment.

In return, investors receive Spanish residency and a work permit granted by the Spanish government, as well as the potential for exciting business prospects with opportunities such as leasing and tourist rental.

At Tejada Solicitors, whether you are planning your legacy or claiming a bequest, we offer a comprehensive guide on Spanish inheritance tax.

Impuesto de sucesiones y donaciones (ISD), or, inheritance tax, is a progressive tax that must be paid in accordance with the receiving of your inheritance from a family member or friend, whether it is a sum of money, a property or an asset of any kind. The regulations of this tax vary from region to region in Spain, which can result in substantial differences among cases.

That’s why we offer a guide covering everything you need to know about inheritance tax, from the succession law to tax bonuses and allowances.

It is important for those who rent out their own properties in Spain to understand the tax obligations that come with it. The tax rates will differ for each owner, depending on whether they are a resident or non-resident of Spain.

It is also important to note that there are two ways properties can be rented out, with different regulations. Long-term rental contracts are used for regular use of the property (using it as a home), which come under national law. Short-term rental contracts are usually used for leisure purposes (viviendas de uso turístico), and legislations for these types of contracts vary depending on the region of Spain the property falls under. Some areas require a license to rent short-term (such as Andalucia), where other areas may not.

You can find more information about this matter in our section Renting out property in Spain.

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Legal advice for buying and renting out property in Mijas 

Mijas, located in the province of Málaga, offers exceptional opportunities for property rental. Engaging the services of a reputable solicitor firm is crucial to navigating the legal procedures involved in the rental business, thereby avoiding potential fines. Mijas has a unique charm that appeals to visitors, making it a sought-after destination for holiday rentals. With its picturesque coastline adorned by splendid beaches like La Cala de Mijas and Calahonda, complemented by a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Mijas is an idyllic town for retirement or seasonal getaways. Furthermore, compared to other areas in Málaga and the Costa del Sol, Mijas often presents more affordable property prices. The town’s rich heritage, including historical sites like Mijas Pueblo and the Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, adds to its allure.

Given the surge in tourism, both national and local authorities have implemented stricter regulations governing holiday lettings. It is crucial to seek the assistance of experienced solicitors in Mijas, and Tejada Solicitors possess extensive expertise in managing rental properties throughout the Málaga region.

The Process of Working with Our Solicitors in Mijas

Should you need support in matters pertaining to taxes, property conveyancing, or visas such as the Golden Visa, Non-Profit Visa, or Digital Nomad Visa, our utmost priority is to ensure that our clients are well informed about the intricacies and consequences of each procedure. We strive to address any questions or concerns you may have, offering a personalized service that caters to your unique circumstances and requirements. Our approach to handling your case unfolds as follows:

Initial Consultation

A significant number of our clients reach out to us in advance of their journey to Spain. We highly recommend scheduling an online consultation prior to your departure to familiarize yourself with the necessary procedures, required documentation, and essential deadlines. For certain processes like the Golden Visa, it is particularly advantageous to plan ahead of your trip as legal documentation from your country of residence, duly apostilled, will be necessary.

If you are already in Spain, we provide the flexibility to arrange an in-person meeting at our office, a phone call, or an online consultation. In light of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, approximately 90% of our clients now favour online consultations due to the convenience, schedule adaptability, and positive environmental contribution by reducing pollution and supporting our planet.

Solicitors in Nerja card presentation

Assessing Your Legal Needs

Once we receive your request about a specific service or problem resolution, we meticulously evaluate the various options available that can be customized to meet your requirements. We suggest an initial appointment, whether online or in person, where both parties can establish a direct connection. During this meeting, our lawyer or advisor gathers all the essential information needed to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your case. We assess the incurred costs before you engage our services and delve into strategies for optimizing taxes. Our objective is to obtain a clear understanding of the case or procedure before progressing further.

Developing a Legal Strategy

Certain procedures, including Property Conveyancing, Golden Visa applications, and Spanish Residency, necessitate a meticulously devised strategy. For instance, when obtaining the Golden Visa, strict adherence to legal deadlines is paramount, as any failure to comply or delayed submissions can result in visa denial.

Another crucial consideration involves determining the optimal time within the fiscal year (spanning from January to December in Spain) for relocation, factoring in potential tax savings and deductions. At Tejada Solicitors, we offer a comprehensive 360º service. Our team comprises solicitors, immigration lawyers, tax advisors specializing in International Taxation, and architects. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to thoroughly analyze your case from various angles, assessing the impact of decisions made within the tax, legal, or immigration domains. While these areas are interrelated, it is vital to possess a comprehensive understanding of the distinct laws and deadlines governing each facet.

Keeping You Informed and Involved

At Tejada Solicitors, transparency forms the bedrock of our practice. We are committed to keeping our clients well-informed through various channels, including email, phone calls, Zoom meetings, or WhatsApp messages. You will receive regular updates on the progress of your procedure, along with detailed information regarding any potential risks or challenges. Depending on the specific nature of your case, an expert in the corresponding field will be assigned to handle it. Additionally, we provide a monthly newsletter that covers the latest news and updates pertaining to tax, legal, and immigration matters that may impact you.

Achieving the Best Possible Outcome

Our primary aim is to achieve optimal results for our clients. With many clients coming from the UK, Canada, the US, and various parts of Europe, we understand the unease they may feel when navigating a foreign country with different languages and bureaucratic systems. It is crucial to emphasize that speed should not overshadow efficiency, especially when it comes to legal and tax matters in Spain. At Tejada Solicitors, our core philosophy revolves around specialization, the dissemination of information, and prioritizing our communication with clients. This approach ensures that we consistently deliver the best possible outcomes.

Hire a Lawyer in Nerja process

Why hire Tejada Solicitors in Mijas?

At Tejada Solicitors Mijas you will be assigned a specialist who takes charge of your case and offers you personalized advice. Nonetheless, in practice, we work in a team of English-speaking professionals specializing in different areas, including lawyers to economists, tax consultants, and architects. This can be especially interesting if you are dealing with real estate and local laws in Andalucia. By signing a power of attorney (poder notarial) you can commission one of our solicitors in Nerja to complete a specific procedure on your behalf, for example, if you are abroad.

Whether for property conveyancing, tax advice, registering a property for holiday rentals or making a will, do reach out to us and one of our English-speaking professionals will reply as fast as possible. Our aim is to develop long-lasting cooperation with you, which proves to be profitable for both sides. Indeed, any transaction that you complete in Spain will influence the amount of taxes due.

By working with the same law firm, you benefit from regular communications (e.g. alerts informing you about your tax obligations), keeping an updated record of your transactions, and following up with the same specialist, who knows about your personal situation and specific needs. As a family-run business, we believe in clear and efficient communication.

Contact our team of lawyers in Mijas

Need A Professional Consultation?

Book an appointment in Mijas or schedule an online meeting

Time is your most precious asset and for this reason, we do our best to provide fast and efficient service. A face-to-face meeting in our Nerja offices is certainly the best way to explain a specific procedure in detail.

However, on many occasions, a quick call can be just as useful and productive to get the information you need. For this reason, we offer legal advice online, either via Skype or Zoom call besides phone and classical e-mail communication.

This way, even before arriving in Nerja, you will be able to make your first inquiries and start preparing any necessary paperwork. For example, you can contact us and ask for a quotation or first estimate of the costs for any specific procedure.

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