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In a town like Nerja, where a third of the inhabitants are foreigners, speaking Spanish isn’t an obstacle to complete important formalities. Working with a good firm of solicitors in Nerja who speak English and are familiar with the national and local regulations is arguably the safest way to tackle Spanish bureaucracy. As an expat, there are many things one can miss out on, which sometimes makes it hard to know who to trust.

Why Choose Our Nerja Solicitors? 

A law firm like Tejada Solicitors in Nerja can deliver professional legal advice and support you in a range of cases, such as:

Preparing the legal conveyancing for buying property.
Checking contracts and deeds.
Advise on tax-related issues.
 Non-Lucrative visa for British citizen, and Digital Nomand visa in Spain.
Certifying official documents and translations.
On behalf of a power of attorney, we can also complete some relevant procedures in your name.

Nerja solicitors

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As trusted partners in the region of Nerja and Axarquia, Tejada Solicitors Nerja benefit from an extensive network of contacts and professionals, who can provide you with all necessary details to carry out any relevant procedure. Our Nerja team includes English speaking lawyers, tax advisors, economists, architects to offer comprehensive advisory services.

Our Comprehensive Legal Services in Nerja

Looking to buy a property? Our property lawyers support clients through the entire process of property conveyancing, from legal searches of the property, contract drafts, tax breakdowns, to completion. Alongside providing an architectural analysis of the property and highlighting all the taxes involved with the process, we also ensure that your desired property is free of charges and legal.

We provide a total breakdown of the cost of buying a property in Nerja, providing our clients with all of the information from the very beginning of the process. A final bill is presented to the clients at the end of the journey, with all taxes and expenses paid. Any balance in the client’s favour is immediately transferred.

Looking to sell your property in Spain? Our tax advisor will inform you about the cost of selling, including all of the necessary taxes that go along with the sale. Our solicitors will represent you every step of the way, negotiating the sale conditions with the buyer’s own solicitor.

We inform our clients on International Taxation between Spain and their origin country, giving advice on ways they can avoid double taxation and receive deductions.

We also provide full support regarding all relevant aspects of taxation in Spain, including Personal Income tax, Inheritance tax, and important documents such as form 720, dependent on whether our client is a Spanish citizen or not.

The NIE number is used as a form of identification for foreign citizens carrying out certain procedures in Spain. This number is required for processes such as the purchasing of a property or vehicle, or setting up a bank account.

This is different from a Spanish Residency which grants you legal residency, paying your taxes in Spain. The NIE is assigned by the Spanish Foreign Office so that you are identified as a foreigner during these processes as well as during non-resident tax payments.

With the purchasing of real estate of 500,000 euros or more, non-EU citizens are eligible for the Spanish Golden Visa, granting them residency in Spain by the Spanish government. The Spanish Golden Visa is part of the Law of Entrepreneurs, encouraging investment in Spain.

Non-EU citizens have the opportunity to invest in popular, in-demand areas such as Malaga or Nerja, which promises business opportunities such as tourist rental and leasing of their property(s), in return for Spanish residency for themselves and their families. This programme is an interesting solution for investors from Non-EU countries such as Arab Emirates, Canada, China, the USA, or Russia.

Inheritance tax in Spain applies to everyone, regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident. Tax becomes payable as soon as there is documentation to prove the transfer of inheritance (this can be money, property or any other asset) from a family member or a friend. Inheritance tax is commonly referred to in Spain as impuesto de sucesiones y donaciones – ISD.

Our guide to inheritance tax covers everything you need to know, from laws of succession, necessary documentation, to inheritance tax allowances. As inheritance tax rules can differ substantially from region to region, we offer the relevant information for our clients who are wanting to set up a life in Spain.

It is common knowledge that long-term rental contracts are used for regular, permanent residence, which falls under national law. However, it is also important to know that some short-term rental contract (usually for touristic uses) may come under some legislations depending on where the property is located.

Depending on the location area (e.g. Andalucia), some national legislations require that those who rent out their properties under short-term rental contracts must apply for a touristic license.

It is also necessary for both residents and non-residents of Spain who rent out their properties to pay taxes. The tax amount will vary depending on whether you are a resident or non-resident of Spain, as well as other aspects. You can find more information about this matter in our section Renting out property in Spain.

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Legal advice for buying and renting out property in Nerja

Property rental is a major business activity in Nerja, which in most cases requires the support of a solicitor firm to ensure all procedures are done legally, so as to avoid potential fines. In fact, there are many reasons that turn Nerja into a popular destination for holiday rentals: a luminous coastline with several natural beaches (such as Burriana or Maro), benefiting from mildly warm temperatures and a quiet outdoor lifestyle make it an ideal town for moving after retirement or to spend the holiday season. Compared to the rest of Malaga and Costa del Sol, Nerja and most parts of the Axarquia region offer lower prices. Historical sites such as the Nerja caves, surrounding protected areas, and sightseeing places like Balcon de Europa make it an attractive place for visiting.

In the last years, a booming tourism sector has obliged national and local authorities to impose stricter control on holiday lettings. To manage a rental property within the law it is important to rely on the support of experienced solicitors in Nerja. In this sense, Tejada Solicitors offers vast experience running rental properties in Nerja and the entire Málaga region.

The Process of Working with Our Solicitors in Nerja

Whether it’s Tax, Property Conveyancing, or Visas (such as Golden Visa, Non-Profit Visa, or Digital Nomad Visa), we always strive for our clients to be as well-informed of the implications of the procedure as we can. The key is to let them know the pros and cons that they may encounter and that we’ll make sure that their concerns are our own. We try to give a personalised service tailored to each situation or need, and our process looks like this:

Initial Consultation

Many clients contact us before travelling to Spain. We always recommend an online meeting before the trip so you know the procedure, necessary documentation, deadlines, etc. In many procedures like the Golden Visa, the ideal is to plan before travelling to Spain, as legal documentation from your country of residence with an apostille will be needed. 

For clients already in Spain, we can opt for an office meeting, a call, or an online meeting. As a result of COVID-19, 90% of our clients prefer an online meeting because it’s more convenient, it’s easier to adapt schedules, and we contribute to less pollution and help our planet.

Solicitors in Nerja card presentation

Assessing Your Legal Needs

Once we receive the request to hire a particular service or problem resolution, we study the different options that can be adapted to the needs of the future client. We always propose a first appointment online or in person – this way, both parties will have a first contact meeting, and the lawyer or advisor can take all the necessary data to study the case in-depth. Then, before the client hires us, we evaluate the costs involved and study the tax optimisation. Our goal is to have a picture of the case or procedure before the meeting.

Developing a Legal Strategy

There are procedures, such as Property Conveyancing, Golden Visa, and Spanish Residency, that require a perfectly defined strategy. For example, for the Golden Visa official documentation, we have to comply with legal deadlines, and non-compliance or presenting out of time means the denial of the visa.

Another very important issue is deciding at what time of the fiscal year (in Spain, from January to December) to move to Spain in order to save on taxes or apply tax deductions. At Tejada Solicitors, we try to give a 360º service. Our office has solicitors, immigration lawyers, tax advisors (specialists in International Taxation), and architects. This way, your file will be studied from different prisms, and we will evaluate how it can affect our clients and the decisions that are made in the tax, legal, or immigration areas. Many areas are connected, but the laws and deadlines that regulate them differ, so you must have full knowledge and understanding of the laws involved.

Keeping You Informed and Involved

At Tejada Solicitors, transparency is the way we work. We always try to keep our clients informed via email, call, Zoom meeting, or WhatsApp. They should be aware of the status of the procedure and the risks or possible adversities that may be encountered. Depending on the procedure, there will always be a specialist in the field working on your file. You’ll also receive a monthly newsletter with news that may affect you in tax, legal, and immigration issues.

Achieving the Best Possible Outcome

Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Most of our clients come from the UK, Canada, the US, and Europe, and they feel insecure living in a foreign country with a different language, bureaucracy, etc. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that sometimes speed doesn’t mean efficiency, especially when it comes to legal and tax matters in Spain. Our philosophy at Tejada is all about specialisation, information, and prioritisation at all times of our communication with our clients. This is the only way we can achieve the best result.

Hire a Lawyer in Nerja process

Established & Experienced

Our team of tax advisors and solicitors have more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Personal & Independent service

We tailor our customer care to our client’s individual risks and needs, ensuring personalised service.

Competitive fees

We offer affordable prices for our services, including our legal and tax procedures.

Full & Quick response

We will contact you within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Nerja a cospmopolita City

Why hire Tejada Solicitors in Nerja?

At Tejada Solicitors Nerja you will be assigned a specialist who takes charge of your case and offers you personalized advice. Nonetheless, in practice, we work in a team of English-speaking professionals specializing in different areas, including lawyers to economists, tax consultants, and architects. This can be especially interesting if you are dealing with real estate and local laws in Andalucia. By signing a power of attorney (poder notarial) you can commission one of our solicitors in Nerja to complete a specific procedure on your behalf, for example, if you are abroad.

Whether for property conveyancing, tax advice, registering a property for holiday rentals or making a will, do reach out to us and one of our English-speaking professionals will reply as fast as possible. Our aim is to develop long-lasting cooperation with you, which proves to be profitable for both sides. Indeed, any transaction that you complete in Spain will influence the amount of taxes due.

By working with the same law firm, you benefit from regular communications (e.g. alerts informing you about your tax obligations), keeping an updated record of your transactions, and following up with the same specialist, who knows about your personal situation and specific needs. As a family-run business, we believe in clear and efficient communication.

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Need A Professional Consultation?

Book an appointment in Nerja or schedule an online meeting

Time is your most precious asset and for this reason we do our best to provide a fast and efficient service. A face-to-face meeting in our Nerja offices is certainly the best way to explain a specific procedure in detail.

However, in many occasions, a quick call can be just as useful and productive to get the information you need. For this reason, we offer legal advice online, either Skype or Zoom call besides phone and classical e-mail communication.

This way, even before arriving in Nerja, you will be able to make your first inquiries and start preparing any necessary paperwork. For example, you can contact us and ask for a quotation or first estimate of the costs for any specific procedure.

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