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Hints for understanding the latest changes in Spanish laws and tax regulations.

Move to Malaga

How to move to Malaga

Table of content:1 How to move to Malaga1.1 Understanding Spanish residency1.1.1 EU citizens1.2 Tax implications in Spain1.3 Healthcare and Driving…
Buy property in Spain home -

How to Buy Property in Spain

Looking to buy a property in Spain as an expat in 2024? ✔️Discover expert tips and the best locations to invest in with our comprehensive guide.

moving to Spain from Ireland

Moving from Ireland to Spain

The prospect of moving to Spain from Ireland has recently garnered significant interest. Spain boasts an alluring blend of elements, featuring a favourable climate, a top-notch healthcare system, a rich tapestry of art and culture, renowned Mediterranean cuisine, efficient transportation networks, picturesque beaches, and an overall high quality of life

moving to Spain from USA

Moving to Spain from the USA

Table of content:1 Moving to Spain from the USA1.1 Types of visas for Americans moving to Spain1.1.1 Non-Lucrative Residence Visa1.1.2…
Spanish Padron Certificate

Spanish Padron Certificate

Discover what a Spanish Padrón Certificate is, who needs it, and its benefits. ✔️ Learn how to apply, the required documents, and more!

moving to Spain from Canada

Moving to Spain from Canada

Anyone who decides moving to Spain from Canada needs to complete a list of tasks and procedures. Verify our checklist for moving to Spain.

Home insurance in Spain

Home Insurance in Spain

Explore the essentials of home insurance in Spain. ✔Learn about legal requirements, types of coverage, and tips for residents and expats

Mortgage in Spain for Expats

Mortgage in Spain for Expats

Table of content:1 Mortgage in Spain for Expats1.1 Can expats get a mortgage in Spain?1.2 Differences between residents and non-residents…

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