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Rural Property Registration

All rural tourism accommodation homes in the countryside that are advertised or marketed through channels that include the possibility to reserve accommodation, travel agencies or companies that mediate or organise tourist services, must be registered with the Andalusian Tourism Registry.

Requirements for registering rural properties as holiday rentals in Andalusia:

  1. These shall be independent homes, including the buildings around it such as tool rooms, stables, sheds or other similar edifications.
  2. They shall be offered to the public for temporary or seasonal use, or be occupied occasionally, once or morethroughout the year.
  3. If you rent the house less than 3 months a year this will be under the category of houses in the country.(VTAR)
  4. If you rent the house for more than 3 months a year, the category will be rural houses or Casas Rurales.
  5. They will only provide accommodation services.
  6. In no case will there be more than three homes in the same building.
  7. The accommodation capacity will not exceed twenty people.
  8. They must be furnished and have the necessary houseware to be occupied immediately.
  9. Accesses shall be conveniently signposted. Users shall be provided with a map or location plan.
  10. The access road shall be suitable for normal cars; exceptionally and if the roads cannot be used by cars, the owner shall provide transportation to and from the accommodation.
  11. Drinking water. There must be a water tank no smaller than 200 L per person when the supply does not come from the municipal water network
  12. Treatment and evacuation of waste water.
  13. Electricity
  14. Rubbish container service pursuant to the specific regulations approved by the pertinent City Councils.
  15. First aid kit.
  16. Fire extinguishers in the kitchen and dining room-living room, with at least a 5kg load. There will also be at least one fire extinguisher on the top floor and attic.
  17. The home shall have air conditioning if rented from May through September, and heating if rented from October through April.
  18. Traveller record book.
  19. Provide an invoice or ticket.

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Logos and publicity:

The house shall display on the outside, next to the main entrance, an identification plaque containing the initials corresponding to the type of accommodation. The registration date and number in the Andalusian Tourism Registry, as well as the type and, if applicable, category and specialisation, shall be displayed in a visible area of the establishment and in all of its publicity material.


A home will be deemed “clandestine” if the tourism activity begins without it being registered with the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia.

Inspectors may lodge violation reports merely by seeing an ad for a tourist home without the pertinent registration number; therefore, it will not be necessary to physically visit the home.

Fines range from EUR 2.000 to EUR 150.000. It is also advisable to have a civil liability insurance policy.