Off Plan Property Deposit Reclaims

Did you lose your off plan deposit and want your money back?

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You can now legally recover your deposit

Before December 26, 2020

How this process works?

STEP 1: Send us an email describing your case and in the same, as well as the following documents:

  1. Private purchase contract signed with the developer
  2. Proof of all the payments
  3. Any document in support of your case (letters/emails crossed with the developer, judgments, etc)

STEP 2: Our lawyers will review your case and if you claim has reasonable prospects of success, we will contact you to ask you for more documentation and information in order to confirm our further course of action.

STEP 3: Engagement letter and Power of Attorney.

STEP 4: Judicial case.

How can you get your money back

If the developer did not finished your property on time and you fulfilled with your payments obligations, you are a step further to recover your money. And, don’t worry if you have already claimed against the developer and/or if they went into bankruptcy.

The supreme court endorses your claim

The Supreme court rulings since 2015 confirms that the developer´s guarantors (bank or insurance company depending the case) will be responsible for the deposits paid by the buyers to the developers plus legal interests.

Need A Professional Consultation?

Off plan Deposit claims: Frequently Asked Questions

If you complied with all the payments agreed in the private purchase contract signed with the developer and if the developer is in one of these 3 situations (never called you to complete, did not delivered the property on time or if you resolved the contract due to non-compliance of the delivery date of the property), your case should be viable.

This type of claims normally take 18 months approximately to obtain judgment, but this resolution could be appealed.

Until the 26th December 2020.

Failure of the developer of the delivery date agreed but you will need to be up to date with all payments.

We will only charge you when the rendering of services has been fully or partially successful, applying the percentage previously agreed to the amount obtained.