Pensioners Card Andalusia 65

The card is a benefit for the elderly in Andalusia and it allows them the proper and timely enjoyment of social services (discounts and assistance among others) and benefits.

pensioners card andalucia spain

Common Doubts

To request the card for the first time

Though the regular modality, the individual only needs to indicate its personal data and sign the application.

Through the Oro modality, the individual must indicate if he/she perceived any income or not during the previous year, and if the answer is affirmative, specify the amount of the same. In that case, the income perceived as a couple has no relevance since this is a personal document.

The procedure is free of charge.

Use of the card

The card can be used exclusively by the holder along with the ID card (or an equivalent). If your partner already has the card, you cannot use it since the card constitutes a personal and non-transferable benefit.

What can you enjoy with the card?

The benefits include, among others, the following:

  • Use the Andalusian Teleservice [Servicio Andaluz de Teleasistencia] (discounts of 40%, 80% and up to 100%).
  • Bus intercity travel throughout Andalusia (up to a 50% discount).
  • Acquire prescriptions glasses (discount between 30% and 50%) and headphones (discount between 30% and 35%).
  • Discounts at: movie theaters, theme parks, hotels, etc.
  • Access to the Dining Service at the Centers of Active Participation of the Government of Andalusia (with a discount of up to 50% in the Oro menu).
  • The beneficiary can request a subsidy to make functional adaptations to its home.

Need A Professional Consultation?

What is the duration of the card and how is the replacement delivered after expiration?

This benefit has a duration of 5 years as of its issuance. After said time the same will be renovated for free (each card indicates the renewal date).

The Government of Andalusia is working in the process so when someone’s Pensioners Card Andalusia expires, the individual receives a new card at its residence. There is no need for additional procedures or paperwork.

In the event of a change of address, individuals must be attentive to the delivery of the renewal document if they have not received the same within seven days before its expiration date; in that case, they must call the toll-free number 900 200 165 to request information.

In the event of data correction, loss or theft

You must send a letter with your personal data, explaining what happened to: Consejería de Igualdad y Políticas Sociales. Apartado de Correos 1046, 41080 Sevilla.

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